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Countinghouse Press has been providing quality books since our founding in 1999. It is our mission to provide the best independently published works across a wide variety of genre octafx sign in.

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TNT-scan150The New Terrorism  This book calls on our national leadership to rise to the challenges posed by these dangers, and to undertake the steps that will protect us all from The New Terrorism. By Van Hipp.
Charlie's Gift100Charlie’s Gift: A Story of Love and Losss, Doubt and Faith
Inspiration, Grief, Bereavement. Coping with Loss of Spouse.  By Pauline Dotzler Flynn. Illustrations by Sharon M. Hickey
TheMagicOfTime-125The Magic of Time
Author’s First Novel Named as One of the Spirited Woman® Top-12 Books for the Holidays!
By Patricia Grace Joyce
 Thanks for Listening
High Adventure in Journalism and Diplomacy
A memoir by Patricia Gates Lynch

Foreword by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
Half theWorld Away Half the World Away
America Observed, Experienced and Embraced
by David A. J. Axson


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