Meet Jack Torry

Jack Torry Jack Torry covers Congress, the Supreme Court and politics for the Washington bureau of the Columbus Dispatch.  Henderson’s Light is his second book; his first was Endless Summers: The Fall and Rise of the Cleveland Indians, published in 1995 by Diamond Communications.

Torry and his wife Saundra live in Leesburg, Virginia.



Critics agree!
“Jack Torry tells the riveting story of an all-American tragedy that is as real and raw today as it was when it happened 45 years ago. Even though you might never have heard of the young people whose lives ended or were changed by that night in January 1965, you’ll care deeply about them when you read their stories in these pages. This is a poignant tale that celebrates the hopes and dreams of sports, of youth and of life.”
CHRISTINE BRENNAN, USA Today sports columnist, commentator, ABC News and NPR
“Jack Torry has written a riveting account not just of a fatal traffic accident on a wintry evening in suburban Detroit in 1965, but also of the effect that crash had on all involved from then until now. An incredible feat of both research and writing, it is as vivid as a novel, but every word is true. It is a gripping tale of life — and death — in America.”
ROGER SIMON, columnist for, former columnist for the Baltimore Sun and Washington correspondent for US News & World Report and the Chicago Tribune.
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