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 First Novel Named as One of the Spirited Woman® Top 12 Books for the Holidays!

by Patricia Grace JoycePatriciaGraceJoyce120
Patricia Grace Joyce’s debut novel, The Magic of Time, a “well-researched and entertaining time-travel mystery romance,” has been listed as one of the top 12 books for the Holidays by the web site Spirited Woman. Ms. Joyce’s book takes the reader from current-day Los Angeles to 1810 England, where the heroine confronts romance, intrigue, terror – and the higher powers.
Graziella Fortuna, a famed pianist, is frightened by a strange man, and by a note placed on her windshield. Shortly afterward, she is transported through time to England, and then to a lush estate on the fierce Atlantic Coast – early in the nineteenth century. There she encounters three sisters who possess magical powers, and several handsome, compelling and powerful men. In her journey of self-discovery she must face personal loss, grief, terror, deception, and betrayal before arriving at the opportunity for self-acceptance and the possibility of love with the man she has sought through time.
The Magic of Time by Patricia Grace Joyce
Hardcover $29.95   ISBN 978-0-9786191-4-5
Trade paperback $18.95   ISBN 978-0-9786191-6-9
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Praise for   The Magic of Time

“The Magic of Time is a must read for everyone. A tale of tragic, epic and metaphysical tale telling! Patricia Joyce takes us from the present-day world of Los Angeles, to the 19th century town, where the rich are as deeply entrenched in mystery, passion, and the chain reaction of events that truly do follow us into other life times. This book has everything you would want in a story! It captures you from page one and it doesn't let go! I loved it!”
—Vicki Monroe, Spirit Messenger, Psychic Medium, CSI Investigator, Author

“Riveting . . . this debut novel is a real page turner. Patricia Joyce has captured the intricate ballet between the physical and spiritual world and how our daily lives are influenced by both forces. I hope she is busy working on a sequel to The Magic of Time.”
—Kathleen E. Coffey, Professor of Law

“This novel takes you back in time where you never want to leave . . . the most creative book ever written. I did not want The Magic of Time to end!”
—Marshall Peck, Casting Director

“The Magic of Time takes you to a place deep within your heart and soul, offering healing insight into the journey beyond life and death.”
—Mary Jo Cavaliere, Director of Marketing & Advertising at Able & Active

“Each of us has the potential to live life with an open, loving heart. The Magic of Time illustrates how love, compassion and tolerance can eclipse the pressures and stresses of our lives.”
—Lauren Liebowitz, Talk Show Host, “How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Shoes”

“Patricia has always been an achiever and even now she never ceases to surprise me. I always knew she would scale all heights and difficulties to be successful.”
—Gus Estrada, Director of Engineering

“The Magic of Time is truly magical. Joyce's attention to detail in regard to 1810 England allows us to surrender our own reality and take her hand as she leads us through an exciting time period full of scandal, passion and mischief. And yet, as
we continue to walk with her, we perhaps begin to view this world as not so foreign to us after all.”
—Joe Coffey, Actor

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