Meet Phil Rosette

The Freya Project is Phil Rosette’s first novel to be published.  He has also written several short stories since he began writing fiction more than a decade ago and is currently working on his third novel.  His short story, The Architect, was published in The Berkshire Review, and he has also written several articles on Internet marketing. 
Phil’s writing stems from his own life experiences, starting at the age of 19 when he hitchhiked across America and spent three days in Las Vegas.  Since then, he has worked blue collar, white collar, no collar.  From a busboy in England and a short order cook in the Berkshires, to an international importer of rare and exotic cars before the age of twenty-five.  He was once clocked at 100 miles per hour over the speed limit while demonstrating a Jaguar (he made the sale, btw). Another time, he spent eight weeks as an assistant private investigator to help bust Santa.  He raced open-wheel cars in England and across America and finished runner up in the 1980 SCCA National Championships.  In the Army, he spent a tour in Vietnam with the 128th AHC Gunslingers as a helicopter door gunner.  His writing style is daring and his voice unique.  “I like to see what happens when ordinary people encounter extraordinary circumstances.”

His second book, Seoul Legacy, the Orphan’s Flu, is available on Kindle as is The Freya Project  He is working a non-fiction book about search engine optimization and online marketing that should be out next year.  Go here to learn more about what Phil is writing.
Phil resides in the metro Detroit area with his wife and two sons.

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