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This book, by Leonard F. Charla, is somewhat revolutionary in its approach. The book covers five weeks, i.e., 35 days. Each week has one chapter that contains a shopping list, and a following chapter containing menus and recipes for 21 meals and 7 snacks. So when the new cook starts cooking, all the needed ingredients are already in the pantry. A separate chapter that lists staples that should always be on hand, such as flour, sugar, and coffee. All the ingredients are available at a typical supermarket.

The recipes for the first week are quite simple. They become more complex with each succeeding week. By the fifth week, the new cook finds recipes for a turkey dinner, a bowl game buffet, and a cocktail party for twelve. The recipes are easy to prepare. They incorporate lots of timesaving conveniences. Len Charla’s motto for the book is, “Use whatever works.” Never Cooked Before is a hit with moms and relatives who are giving it to college graduates, brides, bachelors, and to divorced and widowed folks, too.

$15.95, 256 pages. ISBN number is 0-9664732-0-5. For reviews, or to order this book Click Here.


Customer Reviews 
 Starving a lawyer does have a fine effect-
 Reviewer: Maggie Boleyn from learn to cook!
And, for the modest price of this book, Len Charla will teach you to cook, as well. Even if you have prepared meals before, you can still learn a thing or two from this series. For example, check out the book's secret ingredient for Swedish Meatballs. (Hint-it's not just for breakfast anymore) Sure, I've enjoyed the kind hospitality of the author and his beautiful wife; but, as alert readers of my past reviews know by now, you can count on my objectivity.  Although ... it's difficult to remain truly detached while the delicious aroma of Chicken Cacciatore (page 237)is wafting from my kitchen.  Or, to remain totally unbiased when tasting a luscious Tiramisu (page 81)whipped up by following the easily understood directions. The book is written in a clear style, well seasoned with humor, and is a delight to read. From stocking your kitchen with the basics, to actually getting a meal on the table, you will be taken step by step through each process. Included is a five week plan, which contains weekly shopping lists and menus, as well as easy to follow recipes.  Also look for Gotta Cook Now! Goes Italian : A Total Guide to Easy Italian Cooking (Gotta Cook Now! Series) Gotta Eat Now!

 Excellent for new cooksDetroit Free Press, 01.18.99
 Reviewer: A reader from NJ 
This is a wonderful book for people new to the kitchen - students, young people on their own, divorced dads, etc. It gives easy to follow instructions for running a working kitchen and keeping yourself well fed. The recipes are tasty and believable. Nothing exotic, but well done. Super
 Never Cooked Before/Gotta Cook Now
 Reviewer: Conrad from USA 
I recently bought this book for my 17 year old niece as an early graduation present because I want her to be able to always be able to cook for herself, and to budget her food money. I chose it because it assumes that the user has no past experience in the art of cooking, presenting the material in a clear, concise manner that is intelligent and entertaining.
Gotta Cook Now is a MUST for every College and High School student! This easy to use book is an extremely useful tool for anyone who is fresh to the kitchen, who can use a menu planner and a set of recipes that are graduated in complexity, easy to produce and are very tasty. You will find a lifetime ticket to great meals and entertaining. Everything that a novice cook needs is clearly described and put in layman’s terms.
MOTHERS do yourself a favor and empower your children by giving them the keys to the kitchen. (and let them cook for you) This is a perfect graduation present for any age group, and will also let your kids feed themselves simple and delicious meals. I would also advise newly single men to install this on their kitchen counter and use it to jump start their social lives. Len Charla has provided the neophite chef a starting place from which to explore and develop skills for self nourishment and hosting.
Never Cooked Before? Gotta Buy This Book!

$15.95, 256 pages. ISBN number is 0-9664732-0-5. For reviews, or to order this book Click Here.

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