The Freya Project

    ”Book filled with intrigue, dotted with local culture.”
    Mike Wendland,
    Detroit Free Press 12.13.04. Article
    ”Cutting-edge drama, as state-of-the-art as this morning’s technology report...”
    Loren D. Estleman, author of
    Writing The Popular Novel

    Frank Wydra, author of 
    The Cure

Author’s Bio

Synopsis and Chapter One of Phil Rosette’s exciting first novel, The Freya Project,are available here for free. More information is available at www.PhilRosettecom.

The Freya Project is available in hard cover and soft cover as well as in a Limited Premiere Edition, signed, numbered, registered and in a slipcase.


Joel Paynell knows how to kill, thanks to the U.S. Government and Vietnam. In thirty years, the only thing that has changed is who pays him. But this time, there's a nasty little problem; a witness.

Teleconferencing tech Michael Rowe sees something he wishes he hadn't. Then the pretty cop he confides in winds up dead, too -- in his apartment. The stakes go higher when Michael learns who the first victim was, who paid for the killing, and why.

There is no where to run in cyberspace. To clear himself of a growing list of victims, Michael embarks upon a deadly game of cat and mouse that blurs the lines between the hunter and the hunted, reality and the virtual world.

Through cloak and disguise, Paynell pursues Michael from Australia to the United States, to Canada and back to Australia, all the while covering his tracks and pointing murderous evidence squarely at his prey, luring Michael into his web.

The Freya Project exposes the dark side of the Internet while showcasing today’s technology until, in the end, Paynell learns there is no where to hide in cyberspace.

Download Chapter One

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