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The New Terrorism
We are living in an era in which terrorism demands our constant attention. Few people in North America or Western Europe have the capability to study and analyze the wide scale number and kinds of threats facing us as a civilization. Even fewer can make constructive suggestions on how to meet and eliminate these threats in an effective way.
By Van Hipp

“The New Terrorism represents the kind of outside the box thinking needed to prevent the next terrorist attack and keep America safe.”

--George E. Pataki

Governor of New York, 1995-2006


Henderson's Light Henderson's Light   
Drinking, driving and a deadly encounter
by Columbus Dispatch reporter Jack Torry

 Author of “Endless Summers: The Fall and Rise of the Cleveland Indians”

 Never Cooked Before/Gotta Cook Now!

by Leonard F. Charla
For the newbee cook, with five chapters each devoted to a week's worth of meals and snacks that are easy to make easy to find in any supermarket
Charlie's Gift100Charlie’s Gift: A Story of Love and Losss, Doubt and Faith 
Inspiration, Grief, Bereavement. Coping with Loss of Spouse.  By Pauline Dotzler Flynn. Illustrations by Sharon M. Hickey
TheMagicOfTime-125The Magic of Time 
“The Magic of Time takes you to a place deep within your heart and soul, offering healing insight into the journey beyond life and death.”— Mary Jo Cavallere, Director of Marketing and Advertising at Able & Active. By Patricia Grace Joyce
 The Better Bottom Line
Steps and Strategies to Develop Your Business
by members of the National Speakers Association Michigan

 The Freya Project

by Phil Rosette
There is no place to hide in cyberspace.

Available in Ltd. Ed., Hard cover and Trade Paperback.

 A Letter from Marty, Grandma and Grandpa’s Cat

by Author & Illustrator Mary O’Herron

Half theWorld Away Half the World Away
America Observed, Experienced and Embraced
by David A. J. Axson


 Thanks for Listening
High Adventure in Journalism and Diplomacy
A memoir by Patricia Gates Lynch

Foreword by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
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