Charlie's Gift

Charlie's Gift: A Story of Love and Loss, Doubt and Faith

Inspiration, Grief, Bereavement. Coping with Loss of Spouse

Charlie's Gift
Illustrations by Sharon M. Hickey

How does one face the unbearable grief, the roller coaster emotions, and the nagging questions of faith and doubt following the death of a loved one? After her husband Charlie’s death, Pauline Flynn looked deeply into her soul for answers to the inner conflict his passing posed. She found herself on a journey that has taken her through grief, prayer, meditation, writing poetry, and journaling, with life-changing and mystical moments, as well as experiences that provide an array of hopeful, human, and thought-provoking reflections.


Pauline Flynn . . . “emerges from the dark, her path lighted, and her heart as light as a feather.” Georgia Robertson,  Ph.D., Grief Counselor and Poetry Therapist in Washington, D.C.

Pauline Flynn



“. . . the journey of one woman, who, guided by the love and connection to her husband, finds the strength to go on with a meaningful life.” Dana G. Cable, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Thanatology, Hood College

“Charlie’s Gift is a resource I will recommend to grieving widows and widowers who grapple with the normal, but painful healing process that leads them in search of meaning and solace following their tremendous losses.” Robin McMahon, Ph.D., Clinical Social Worker and Grief Therapist, former Director of the Grief and Loss Program at Hospice of Northern Virginia

Released December 1, 2011.
 Also be available on and through most bookstore (listed in Books in Print).
Soft Cover; U.S. $14.95, Can. $17.95.  ISBN 978-0-9786191-5-2



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